RezMagic Online Reservation Event Management Software

Ideal for Music Festival Packaging - Land or Sea, Seminars at Sea, Charter Cruise Events, Niche Tour Operators, Small Conferences, Group Travel Operators

Reservation Management, CRM and Online Booking

From inventory creation, pricing and management to front-line sales and on-line bookings, RezMagic handles every aspect of the reservation process in one powerful, robust solution. Delivering accurate inventory control and pricing is essential, but just as important today is maximizing the customer relationship. With integrated CRM functionality, RezMagic provides full customer profiling and tracks customer buying habits and interaction. Open for business 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are not selling your travel inventory directly to the public on-line, how many opportunities are you missing? How many potential customers are “going elsewhere” because you are not open? Our online customer interface is highly customizable and designed to walk the customer through the reservation or registration process with no agent assistance required.

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Event Management

At their core, reservation systems are specialized inventory management systems. RezMagic empowers users to create, price, allocate and modify inventory in real-time. To this foundation, we add user defined item level occupancy and pricing control, event, category and item level fee assignment, in-depth discount calculation and application, and online credit card transaction processing.

Event creation is simplified through templates and the ability to clone entire events, categories or individual items. RezMagic is entirely roles and permissions based allowing you to define authorities and access at the individual user level.

  • Dashboards for presentation of summary level key business metrics
  • Real-time "status" and availability metrics on demand
  • Internal accounting at the financially responsible party level
  • Robust SQL-based report library with support for ad hoc report generation

Booking Online

We live in a global economy and the internet has forever changed the way in which people purchase goods and services. The PhoCusWright Consumer Travel Trends Survey found that over 60 percent of U.S. travel was booked online in 2009 and projected that percentage to rise to 70 percent in 2010. Emotion and timing play a huge party in purchasing non-essential items and customers today expect to have the option of making their own reservations online, when the time is right for them. No product has more global appeal than travel. Are you open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Now you can be!

Our online customer interface gives you the ability to sell anything you sell "in-house" online. We understand that the customer experience on the web must be both powerful and as simple as possible. Customers are led through the minimum number of steps in an intuitive order, making the required decisions along the way. A clear and easy to understand breakdown of all items booked is presented prior to collecting the required deposits as a final step. Customers also have the option of logging into their account and making payments at anytime if applicable.

  • Event Manager control of web displayed available inventory
  • Terms and conditions agreement required at the event level
  • Style sheet driven "look and feel" to reflect the event image
  • Real-time online payment processing
  • Automatic e-mail generated confirmation
  • Online customer profile management

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Flexible Payment Processing

RezMagic offers integrated merchant account payment processing for seamless transmission by your customers and internal staff. We currently support a number of popular “gateways” for processing, as well as an option for groups that run charges through a third party vendor. Support for a payment processor of your choice can be easily added on demand.

  • Authorize.NET
  • PayPal
  • PayTrace
  • Beanstream
  • iTransact
  • Merchant e-Solutions

Hosting Options

Customers have the option of installing the system on their own server(s), or utilizing a third party hosting facility.

RezMagic will also host the application for you if so desired. Please call us to discuss the option which best suits your needs.

  • RezMagic Managed cloud hosting agreement
  • Internal hosting on your server(s)
  • Independent or Managed hosting at a third party facility


RezMagic; is highly configurable and is well suited for a variety of travel and event industry applications.

  • Cruise and Tour Operators
  • Conferences and Events
  • Full ship and land based charters
  • Group Travel